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  • Thanks for considering it then!
    I have Ash's Pikachu, the ANA Darkrai, the pikachu-coloured Pichu, the Singing Pikachu with the Light Ball and Suicune and Entei from the shiny dogs event. I also have Azelf and Uxie but not from an event. I wouldn't mind even trading two or three of these for Jirachi.
    What other events/shinies are you interested in? I can try and get them for you if you're not interested in any of these ones. :)
    Hi Miilanda! About two months ago, you were having a giveaway of the Channel Jirachi with Body Slam. I was wondering, do you have any left? I've been looking for one for ages and can't seem to get one :'(. I'll try to get any pokemon or items you need in return. (Shiny, IV'd, EV'd) I also have some events from the past two years. Thanks!
    Oh my, this is awesome! I was going to start building a thread tonight. Thank you so very much, Greevil is covering the birdies up a bit too much, but I think I can handle it from here as I also can image edit. I'll be sure to let you see the finished thread when I finish it.

    Thanks again.
    Of course, that will not be a problem at all.
    If it is possible to put Greevil (the planned thread has more of a darkness theme to it) like what you did with Wes+Entei, it would be great.

    Let me know if it is not possible, I could think of something else.
    Hey, Milanda, I liked most of your work on custom sprites, (or you got a pool of spites to use). Is it possible for you to make something for the Kanto Bird Trio for me to use? Since I want to set up shop elsewhere (I'm on the BL here afterall).

    You will be credited of course, but let me know if you could do it!
    oooh okay cool thanks for the info :) Ya ill be on most of today to trade just vm me
    id love the impish one miilanda thank you for the giveaway! Deffently will use this guy soon :3 also just curious is the bonus disc you got get endless jirachis? I have a gamecube and could easily get my hands on the game just wondering if searching for a disc is even worth it. ^^;
    Ok, no worries. Is there any slight chance of acquiring one of those Jirachis - Many credits available...

    I went to Den Haag, and that city was amazing! I loved the 3 lanes of Traffic: Cars, Tram and Bikes!
    Well, for my VGC Team I was looking for a XD Calm Togetic with Helping Hand, Tri Attack, Softboiled and Body Slam. I was also interested in a Body Slam Jirachi but sadly I didn't win your giveaway so I doubt I can get one from you.
    In return for the Togetic, I can offer a lot of credits from my thread.

    PS: Having been to the Netherlands recently on holiday, I can say I really enjoyed it and that it is a very nice country! If you're talking about Amsterdam Central station in your GA, I went there and saw how busy it was.
    Just read your sig. I need something from Gen 3 and I'm hoping you can help.

    I need a 31/31/31/*/31/0 (or as close as possible) Brave (prefered) or Adamant Metang/Metagross with DynamicPunch (also Ice and ThunderPunch, but I can get those in Gen 4).
    I meant something you would want to trade for for your jirachi's if you do get good ones:)
    A jolly could work 2 for some more speed i think. And no one has reseted for a moltres before and morning sun could work in a sun team:) Timid natured
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